July 12, 2024

In FY25, Adani Enterprises would spend ₹80,000 crores in energy, airports, roads, PVC business, and data centers

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In FY25, Adani Enterprises would spend ₹80,000 crores in energy, airports, roads, PVC business, and data centers

In FY25, Adani Enterprises would spend ₹80,000 crores in energy, airports, roads, PVC business, and data centers

Adani Enterprises, the flagship firm of the billionaire Gautam Adani-led conglomerate, is poised for significant expansion across its diverse portfolio, which includes new energy ventures, airports, and data centers. A senior executive recently unveiled plans to invest a staggering ₹80,000 crore across its businesses in the ongoing financial year.

Adani Group Unveils ₹80,000 Crore Capex Plan for FY25

ANIL, or Adani New Industries Ltd., specialises in manufacturing solar modules for electricity generation and green hydrogen production. With the commencement of PVC project, an estimated capex of ₹10,000 crores is designated for the PVC business, while ₹5,000 crores will be invested in data centers.

Shah highlighted ANIL’s ambitious targets, aiming to establish factories capable of producing 10 gigawatts of solar modules alongside 3 gigawatts of wind turbines. Looking ahead to FY26, he emphasised the need for additional capex to meet the initial requirements of the green hydrogen business, which will serve as a catalyst for further expansion into downstream products.

In line with its commitment to renewable energy, the Adani Group has initiated commercial production of wafers and ingots used in the manufacturing of solar cells and modules at its Gujarat-based facility. According to Gautam Adani news, the Group aims to achieve self-sufficiency in polysilicon production by 2027-28, positioning itself as India’s premier integrated renewable energy player. By 2030, the Group targets the generation of 45 gigawatts of renewable power, with a significant portion produced at the Khavda renewable energy park in Gujarat.

Adani’s strategic move towards local manufacturing aims to reduce India’s reliance on imported polysilicon, particularly from countries like China. This initiative aligns with broader national goals of enhancing self-sufficiency and reducing dependency on foreign sources.

Additionally, Adani Enterprises, which currently operates seven airports across the country, is in the process of constructing a greenfield airport in Navi Mumbai, slated to commence operations by the end of FY25. This development is expected to catalyse a substantial increase in passenger traffic, further solidifying Adani’s position in the aviation sector.

Revitalising Road Infrastructure

Adani Enterprises is glad to have airport development and also the Indian roadway infrastructure network in its hands. The funding is an allocation for the construction or refinement of highways, expressways, and road corridors. This will boost the shipment and movement of people. The road infrastructure is one of the most critical components that Adani is focusing on. It will play a key role in improving connectivity, reducing logistics costs, and unlocking India’s full economic potential.

PVC Business Expansion

Adani Enterprises is moving smartly, aiming to break the existing business pattern. It will reach the PVC segment (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is a versatile and broadly used thermoplastic polymer with different usage scopes in areas like construction, healthcare and auto industries. According to Gautam Adani news, the investment will allow Adani to increase its PVC production capacity, diversify its product portfolio, and take advantage of the growing demand both in the country and internationally.

Data Centers for the Digital Age

The creation of data centers will close Adani Enterprises’ investments’ agenda as it will be done by establishing the data centers using modern techniques. Constant changes in data realm of the digital world mean that data is the new gold that keeps people innovating, working more efficiently, and competing against one another. The entry of Adani in the field of data centers is proof of its intention to use the power of technology to develop the economy and create value.

According to Gautam Adani news, the capital investment in the data centers will enable the company to provide storage and processing space with the necessary infrastructure. Adani aspires to adhere to advanced security expedients, environmentally friendly management, and cutting-edge technology with the foresight that it would be the pioneer for data center operations and management by this.


The 80,000 crore rupees that Adani Enterprises invests in FY25 is more than just an investment; it is a clear intention to move forward, develop, and be sustainable. By investing funds into new power stations, airports, expressways, and plastic businesses, Adani is laying the ground for the strongest and most durable India ever. Moving ahead, the Adani Group’s unprecedented projects will not only create new heights for different sectors but also become an example of innovation, upward movement, and prosperity by forming a constant legacy.

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