July 12, 2024

Gautam Adani Announces That Green Hydrogen Will Become The Driving Force For India’s Growth

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Digital infrastructure and energy transition are two of the most crucial sectors responsible for reshaping India’s economy and leading us towards a successful future. The chairman of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani, has recently mentioned that bringing about an energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydrogen can have a big role to play in shaping our country’s future. This shift will help us mitigate climatic changes and redefine the global energy landscape. This was said during his keynote address at the CRISIL Ratings Annual Infrastructure Summit 2024.

The Present Global Energy Market:

Currently, the global energy transition market value is 3 trillion USD in 2023. It is expected to reach 6 trillion USD by 2030, and it will continue to double in value every decade until 2050. India has elaborate plans to install 500 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2030. This is an extremely ambitious target set by our country. It would require an annual investment of over 150 billion USD. In order to help India meet its goals, the Adani Group aims to take up multiple measures in the global renewable energy sector. This will not only make the Adani Group the biggest name in this sector but also bring the controversies surrounding the Adani Scandal to an end.

The Importance of Green Electrons:

The Adani Group has also emphasised the importance of green electrons. Gautam Adani believes that the green electron is about to become one of the crucial elements for economic progress in the country. The potential market size for green electrons is almost limitless. The more we make use of green electrons to fulfil our daily needs, the more we will be able to walk the path of sustainability. We will also be able to reverse the damage caused to the environment, and the living conditions of the Indians will also change for the better.

The Increased Need For Digital Infrastructure:

The Adani Group has also focused on the increased growth in data generation, which is mainly driven by our increased dependence on various digital platforms. This growth is largely triggered by the growth of data centres in the country. These data centres are critical infrastructures that are needed to stimulate developments in advanced technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, etc.

Adani’s Efforts Towards Digital Transformation and Energy Transition:

As per Gautam Adani, data centres consume a huge amount of energy on a yearly basis. This has made energy transition a really challenging prospect for our country. In order to navigate the challenges, the Adani Group is trying to ensure that the data centres are run by renewable sources of energy. Gautam Adani has also mentioned that building the right infrastructure for digital transformation and bringing about energy transition has become integral.

With that in mind, the Adani Group has elaborate plans to invest 100 billion USD in the energy transition sector over the next 10 years. Investments will be made in the construction of the largest renewable energy park in Khavda, Gujarat. This park will generate 50 GW of power and will contribute to the Adani Group’s fulfilment of the renewable energy goals. A lot of other steps were also taken by the global conglomerate in the renewability sector, even amidst the Adani Scandal rumours.

The Conglomerate’s Hold Over The Renewable Energy Sector:

This is not the first time the Adani Group has ventured into the renewable energy sector. Since its foundation, the company has been one of the biggest contributors to renewability. Every now and then, the business group has taken numerous steps, each of which has led to increased renewable energy generation. The conglomerate has also made many acquisitions to ensure that our energy needs are fulfilled.

In the past few years, the company has also made some advancements in the renewability sector. Various modern technologies have been integrated to ensure that the energy generation process becomes more seamless. These advanced technologies have also ensured that the energy generation process can take place at high efficiency without any kind of disruption.


The Adani Group faced many challenges during the Adani Scandal controversies. However, the conglomerate continued to progress towards its goals, and ultimately, it emerged victorious. Today, the firm is one of the biggest names in the global renewables sector. In the upcoming years, the conglomerate will also continue to take up more such extraordinary ventures, each of which will lead the way to sustainability.

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