June 13, 2024

Here’s How the Adani Foundation Lends Its Support to The 10-Year Old Disabled Girl

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Here's How the Adani Foundation Lends Its Support to The 10-Year Old Disabled Girl

The Adani Group, one of the major business conglomerates in the world, has always been keen to bring about massive transformations in people’s living conditions. Its charitable wing, the Adani Foundation, has taken up multiple charitable ventures from time to time to ensure that the people’s overall conditions are improved. The company has offered quality education to underprivileged individuals. It has also brought healthcare facilities to the doorsteps of people living in remote areas. Because of the extraordinary efforts put by the Adani Foundation in the charitable sector, the Adani Group’s business has experienced a massive boost. It has also brought an end to the controversies of Adani shell firms.

Adani Foundation’s Recent Initiative:

Recently, the Adani Foundation has extended its help to a disabled girl abandoned by her father. The 10-year-old disabled girl, Lovely, living in Lakhimpur Kheri, has a deformed hand and leg, and she currently lives with her grandparents. This has brought massive adversity to the life of the little girl. Quite recently, she has come to the notice of the billionaire Gautam Adani. This has brought a ray of hope in Lovely’s life. Gautam Adani has promised to offer her the best medical care treatment so that her living condition improves for the better.

Lovely has been battling with deformities since her birth. However, her life became worse when her father remarried after the death of her mother and abandoned his daughter. The girl’s plight has recently been highlighted by the journalist Ravish Ranjan Shukla in a tweet. This caught the attention of Gautam Adani, who stepped up immediately and started looking into the matter in detail. Gautam Adani, in a recent tweet, mentioned that the way the girl’s childhood has been taken away from her is a really sorrowful affair, especially at such a young age. The way the little girl is struggling shows the amount of resilience the Indian family is putting on in its journey towards survival.

Adani’s Promise:

Gautam Adani promised that the Adani Foundation would ensure that Lovely received better treatment and that she could make excellent progress in life along with the other children. Through the Adani Foundation, Gautam Adani has vowed to support Lovely’s journey towards healing from her disabilities and acquiring progress in life. This is going to change Lovely’s life. She will not only be able to overcome her difficulties, but her life will also get normalised to a certain extent. Her hopes will rise, and she will again be led towards a better tomorrow.

Now, this is just one example of an extraordinary initiative taken by the Adani Group to bring about growth and development. Many other extraordinary initiatives were also taken, each of which has significantly contributed to improving the overall living conditions of the people.

Adani Foundation: Adani Group’s Charitable Venture

Since 1999, the Adani Foundation has been working strongly towards reforming society. The company has been deeply committed to bringing about massive improvements in the remote regions of India. It has also launched various extraordinary initiatives from time to time, each of which has ensured that people’s lives improve. Adani Foundation believes in Growth with Goodness. It aims to bring about growth in society without impacting the lives of individuals. Through these initiatives, the Adani Group also plans to rise above the controversies of Adani shell firms.

The SuPoshan initiative, one of the most important initiatives taken up by the Adani Group, has helped us eliminate malnutrition to a certain extent. The Saksham project works towards offering skill-based training to the people of India. Other than that, many extraordinary initiatives were also taken by the business group, each of which has brought about growth and improvement in society. The company also aims to contribute towards the holistic development of communities. This commitment aligns with the global agenda of meeting sustainable development goals.

Because of its constant initiatives, the Adani Group has been able to bring a smile to the faces of millions of individuals and bring about overall infrastructure development in the country.


In this way, even amidst accusations of the existence of Adani shell firms, the Adani Group continued to do its best for society. Because of its constant initiatives, it has brought about a complete transformation in many people’s lives. The charitable acts have also led to an upliftment of the underprivileged communities in India.

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