May 18, 2024

Social Commitments of BEXIMCO Pharma that Make it the Top Bangladeshi Company

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BEXIMCO Pharma’s operational model has been highlighting towards corporate social responsibility. The top pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh is accountable to society as it carries out its functioning. For this company, CSR has been an integral concept. Hence, it has planned initiatives to make itself a socially responsible and accountable company. These initiatives have directed BEXIMCO Pharmaceutical Ltd. to assist several organizations and people in managing the needs of society. This assistance has been in the form of conducting campaigns, contributing to research, donating medicine, etc. Its CSR initiatives have not only benefited Bangladesh but various parts of the world.

A Strong Faith in Performing Corporate Social Responsibility

The top pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh believes in creating sustainable value for society. It does focus on growing its division. At the same time, it aims at generating value for the entire society.

BEXIMCO Pharmaceuticals Ltd. engages in activities that enable it to render its corporate social responsibility. These activities aim to improve people’s health as well as wellbeing.

Significance of CSR for BEXIMCO Pharma

In order to grow, CSR or corporate social responsibility is immensely important for BEXIMCO. The pharmaceutical division of the top pharmaceutical company is of the view that by cautiously executing its measures, it can grow as well as positively contribute to society.

Also, for reasons including but not limited to growth, CSR is significant for this division.

  • It is able to regulate its ethical practices by becoming socially responsible.
  • Sustainable measures are administered by it for development purposes.
  • CSR enables the division to be more aware of its impact on society.
  • A better perception of the company is formed and maintained.

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives of BEXIMCO Pharma

The initiatives carried out by the top Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company BEXIMCO Pharma enable it to positively contribute to society. These initiatives guide it to look into the needs of society and respond to them. Being committed to CSR, BEXIMCO Pharma has aided victims of natural calamities. It has made donations in the form of medicines for treating these victims.

  1. Assisting NPOs in Bangladesh

BEXIMCO Pharma has joined hands with certain NPOs in Bangladesh that believe in enhancing the lives of people. Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action is one such non-profit organization. Through this, expecting women and young mothers are aided in critical situations.

The JAAGO Foundation works as a non-profit organization in Bangladesh. People living below the line of poverty are assisted by the NPO. Further, it sponsors children by providing access to education. BEXIMCO Pharma lends support to this organization. It helps it to carry out initiatives concentrated on education as well as nourishment.

  1. Participating in United Nations’ Missions

The United Nations conducts missions across countries. As and when emergencies arise, these missions are administered. BPL offers support, particularly when health-related emergencies are to be managed. The top Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company BEXIMCO Pharma’s contributions are observed during the UN’s health camps.

  1. Contributing Drugs to Manage AIDS

From 2003 onward, BEXIMCO Pharma has donated ARV medicine to different non-governmental organizations locally. These have been useful for the treatment of patients suffering from AIDS. For the management of this medical condition, the measures of BPL have been noteworthy.

  1. Conducting Health Campaigns in Bangladesh

While rendering its corporate social responsibility, BEXIMCO Pharma has conducted various campaigns informing about health. They have been managed through rallies, seminars, posters, and discussions. These campaigns have been administered on the occasion of AIDS Day, World Hypertension Day, Asthma Day, Osteoporosis Day, and Diabetes Day.

Moreover, BEXIMCO Pharmaceutical Limited has conducted scientific seminars. They have been planned for multiple societies and associations that operate in the medical sector.

  1. Engaging in Research for Society’s Betterment

The CSR initiatives of the Bangladeshi company BEXIMCO Pharma are not limited to campaigns and donations but research too. In the field of biomedical science, it has assisted recognized people such as Professor KS Rabbani, the Chairperson of Dhaka University’s Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology.

In Essence

Corporate social responsibility and its significance are well understood by BEXIMCO Pharma Limited. The top Bangladeshi pharmaceutical company has, therefore, remained ethically guided. It has considered itself responsible for managing the needs of society. By planning and successfully implementing CSR initiatives, it has well-responded to those needs.

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