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Preparing the Best Physicians with AUA

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Preparing the Best Physicians with AUA

Preparing the Best Physicians with AUA

Understanding the significance of physicians, the American University of Antigua (AUA) responsibly manages to prepare its students. It focuses on every vital aspect of their preparation. For this, the university offers a range of academic facilities. In addition to these, AUA gives students opportunities to learn through a fine network of teaching hospital affiliates in the USA. Considering the approach of the university, it prepares its students in the best ways to perform as skilled and knowledgeable physicians in the future. Thus, they are able to contribute positively to society by helping patients in a medical setting.

Successfully Preparing Physicians with Academic Facilities

For a supportive learning environment, AUA, recognized as the Best Medical University in the USA for Indian Students, has focused on providing the best facilities. It has thoughtfully included options to make learning effective. With this university, students can access centers to receive education and laboratories to develop their skills. Additionally, there are classrooms and a library for the same purpose.

Availability of Learning and Training Centers

There are 2 main centers at AUA to impart medical knowledge as well as train students. These include the Simulated Learning Center and the Emergency Medicine Training Center. They are crucial for the development of practical knowledge and experiences to rightly prepare future physicians.

1.  Simulated Learning Center

For medical aspirants to brilliantly perform in the time to come, the American University of Antigua invests in interactive software, incorporated with the latest technology. Noelle, SimMan 3G, Harvey, and SimBaby are among the main simulation tools available at the Simulated Learning Center.

2.  Emergency Medicine Training Center

 In collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, this university has the American Heart Association™ International Training Center. For the preparation of medical students, this emergency medicine training center majorly helps in developing critical thinking skills and situational awareness.

Laboratories for Hands-on Learning

Several functional labs are part of AUA’s academic facilities. There are anatomy labs with the best equipment and devices to receive medical education. In addition, the university has clinical skill laboratories. These are ideal for facilitating clinical clerkships

The Osler and Crumpler Suites are created to transition students from classroom learning to simulated ward environments. Here, medical students interact with standardized and professional patients, honing their bedside manner, history-taking, and diagnostic abilities crucial for clinical rotations.

AUA Library

This university in Antigua and Barbuda has a regularly accessible library. Over 800 students can engage in learning in this quiet zone. Varied sources of learning such as eBooks, medical databases, etc., are available here. With Wi-Fi connectivity ensured, students can choose their preferred ways of recording information.

Homeroom-Concept Classrooms

Prioritizing the Homeroom Concept, AUA has classrooms with the ideal environment for learning. Future physicians can benefit from these, given the availability of digital tools, Wi-Fi, and HD video support for advanced learning.

Enhancing Educational Experiences with Clinical Rotations in the USA

Integral to medical education, the American University of Antigua offers future physicians to get the best clinical rotation opportunities in the USA. Through these, students get the chance to exercise their knowledge and obtain experiences in real-world medical scenarios.

Through clinical rotations, this university promises the following in order to enhance the educational experience for every student:

  •     Development of knowledge beyond textbooks
  •     Skill development
  •     The adoption of a professional attitude
  •     Building the understanding to care for patients

The clinical education consists of 84 weeks of core and elective rotations

Extensive Exposure to Learning through Clinical Rotations

AUA administers the Advanced Introduction to Clinical Medicine rotation for 8 weeks. Following this, it enables students to continue with clinical core rotations for 44 weeks. These comprise learning and preparation associated with surgery, internal medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, and other areas.

These rotations by the university in Antigua and Barbuda comprise exposure to both in-hospital patient and outpatient care. Under the regulations of the state law, the environment is stimulated for the best clinical learning and preparation.

Subspecialty Rotations at AUA

While preparing to become future physicians with AUA, students can opt for clinical elective rotations in the USA. The duration for these is 32 weeks. These rotations are in subspecialties for core subjects as well as medical specialties. Moreover, they stand as opportunities to build and exercise the clinical abilities of students.

Teaching Hospital Affiliates of AUA for Clinical Rotations in the US

AUA has a vast network of clinical affiliations in the US. This university shares affiliations with hospitalsin US, UK, Canada and India.

The top hospitals that are part of this network include:

  •     West Anaheim Medical Center
  •     Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital
  •     Griffin Hospital
  •     Summa Health Systems
  •     BronxCare Health System
  •     Hemet Valley Medical Center
  •     Institute of Family Health
  •     Mohawk Valley Health System
  •     Northwell Health
  •     Florida International University
  •     University of Maryland Medical Center – Midtown Campus (UMMC)
  •     Richmond University Medical Center
  •     Mount Sinai South Nassau

To Summarize the Above

The American University of Antigua (AUA) undertakes the responsibility of preparing and training students to excel as the best physicians. Through academic facilities and clinical rotations, the university ensures the same. In all, it holistically develops the students to succeed in the future.

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