May 17, 2024

Former Australian PM in Favour of Adani Group’s Coal Mine Expansion in Australia

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The former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, has always believed in Australia’s Adani Group Coal Mine project. He has mentioned that he is thankful to Gautam Adani for his contributions to the electricity and energy sector. He has also mentioned that the Australia Coal Mine Project will offer jobs and prosperity to millions of Australians. It will also provide a reliable supply of electricity to the Indians.

Tony Abbott was the Prime Minister of Australia in 2015. During this period, numerous Adani investigations on the Carmichael Coal Mine Project occurred. There were allegations of stock manipulation, because of which the stock market value dropped considerably. However, none of these acquisitions found ground, and Adani Group dropped off all charges. After all the allegations were ruled out, the company’s stock value improved significantly in the stock market. Many investors also started investing in the various subsidiaries of the Adani Group.

Initial Struggles of the Adani Group:

When the Adani Group took the initiative to start mining in Australia, many critics and social activists became active. Many believed that coal would not continue to remain a vital energy source after a decade. Analysts believed the day when the first cargo was headed with coal from Australia to India was a red-letter day for the energy industry of Asia. Since then, Adani Group has faced many challenges in its path. Adani investigations began both in India and Australia. However, Adani Group had firm beliefs in their research that many Southeast Asian countries would not have much choice but to use coal as a major energy source. So, they kept fighting for what they thought was the right approach to increase the energy supply in India.

Although the local court revoked the environmental approval for the project in 2015, Adani Group received its final and last approval for the project in 2019. The coal mined from Carmichael mines is now routinely shipped to the different power plants in India to produce sufficient electricity. This is indeed a huge project for the Indians and has a big role to play in satisfying the country’s energy requirements. The company also formulated different strategies to ensure that the coal mining process is carried out without causing severe harm to the environment. This finally brought an end to the Adani investigations.

The Main Aim Behind Expanding Coal Mines in Australia:

The expansion of coal mines in Queensland, Australia, was started with the idea of offering electricity to the energy-deprived areas of India. It was also considered a highly beneficial venture for the Australian economy. The project offered numerous job opportunities to the people. Adani Group started supplying coal to India, Bangladesh, and China to fulfill their energy needs. These three countries contribute largely to the world population. They hardly have any choice but to use coal to meet energy requirements. Since then, people have become more accepting of Australia’s coal mine expansion. The mining operations started getting bigger and smoother. The coal mines’ operations comply with the state’s comprehensive regulatory conditions.

How Has the Carmichael Coal Mine Expansion Impacted the People of India and Australia?

Prior to the expansion of the coal mines in Australia, various remote parts of India suffered from extreme power shortages. There were frequent power blackouts, and the energy supply was inconsistent. The Carmichael coal mine became the ultimate solution for all these people. There was a consistent supply of power to the houses. The average power charges were reduced because of an increase in supply. The manufacturing and agricultural sectors flourished beyond measure. There was also an increased concern among businesses to switch to sustainable practices while carrying out industrial operations. The locals of Queensland were largely involved in the project from the beginning. This offered them a source of income. The money the Australian government and the local governments received as taxes from this mine helped in the continent’s economic growth.


In this way, the Carmichael coal mine expansion project remains one of the most successful ventures of the Adani Group. In spite of frequent Adani investigations and allegations, the company succeeded in fulfilling its end goals and proving that coal is a vital resource. It addressed the dire needs of various regions in India to have a consistent supply of electricity. The industrial operations became streamlined. India also attracted investors from all across the world. The Adani Group also took all steps that it can take to ensure environmental protection. India also became a lot more self-sufficient in terms of its energy needs.

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