June 13, 2024

Adani Gangavaram Port to Enhance Productivity in Visakhapatnam

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Modi and Adani relation

The Adani Gangavaram Port is the deepest and one of the most modern ports in the country. It is one of the major ventures of the Adani Group and involves multiple key strategic infrastructure projects at the port premises to enhance its capacity and productivity. The project would require an additional investment of INR 40 crores. This will help the port increase its productivity to a considerable extent. Critics believe that the Adani Gangavaram Port expansion was only possible because of the Modi and Adani relation. However, no evidence was brought to light.

The Adani Gangavaram Port:

The Adani Gangavaram Port is an all-weather deep water port that connects the vast hinterlands with state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and multimodal connectivity. It has a high level of mechanisation in terms of storage, handling and evacuation of cargo. It also delivers efficiency across the value chain to its multiple partners.

The port offers enhanced container tracking services for smooth cargo movement in and out of the port. It also has open storage areas with excellent capacity. The port has multipurpose terminals to handle bulk cargo. It covers eight states across Western, Eastern, Southern, and Central India. This allows for efficient cargo handling.

What Are the New Facilities To Be Built At The Adani Gangavaram Port?

The new facilities that are supposed to be designed at the Adani Gangavaram port are as follows:

A new warehouse will be built, covering an area of 6,000 square metres. The warehouse will have a capacity of 35,000 MTs. It will increase the port’s covered storage area to 1.4 lakh square metres. This will allow for enhanced capacity, and will also accelerate the trading operations.

Roads and various other associated infrastructure of 3 km have already been inaugurated. These infrastructures will connect the port to different strategic locations. As a result, the goods can easily be transferred to the destination without hindrance.

Two gate complexes having integrated weighbridges and tarpaulin covering stations have been inaugurated along with multiple other facilities like a fuel handling station and car and truck tire washing facilities.

The Adani Gangavaram Port has already set a new record for handling 160 rakes. It has dispatched the cargo to the various industries of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. This is the maximum number of incoming rakes handled by the port.

The port has also loaded 42 wagons of BCN racks in 3 hours and 30 minutes for IPL(Indian Potash Limited). Once the new infrastructure assets are ready, the port will easily be able to surpass its previous track records and offer enhanced services to the customers. The various port operations can be carried out in a streamlined way.

Why Did the Adani Group Plan to Expand the Adani Gangavaram Port?

The Adani Group has mentioned that the Adani Gangavaram Port expansion aligns with the conglomerate’s philosophy of Goodness with Growth. The Group has developed infrastructure and resources to increase sustainability, safety and environment conservation and contribute to nation-building. The port will also offer substantial economic benefits to the Indian importers. The port operations will be carried out more efficiently. There will be a faster evacuation and turnaround time.

The conglomerate faced a lot of questions about Modi and Adani relation after it made its announcement on the expansion of the port. Still, it paid no heed and continued its journey towards achieving success. The port management has also planned to operationalise railway infrastructure. This is going to ensure that the port is further modernised. It will also enhance the port’s capabilities to handle higher amounts of rail cargo on a single day.

Adani Group’s Footprints in the Port Sector:

This is not the first time the Adani Group has ventured into the port sector. The Adani Ports and SEZ have worked seamlessly for years to ensure that Indian homes never lack the essentials. Adani Ports has an unmatched national presence. It is also one of the leading integrated logistics players in the country. Presently, there are 13 ports and terminals under the Adani Group. The conglomerate never stopped diversifying its portfolio despite allegations of Modi and Adani relation contributing to its success.


In this way, the Adani Gangavaram Port is committed to delivering top-notch infrastructure and best-in-class services through high dedication. It is not just restricted to the boundaries of our country. The foundation has been equally active in various other corners of the globe. This further proves that Adani Group’s success has nothing to do with Modi and Adani relation. Looking at the way the conglomerate is prospering, it will soon earn the honour of being the largest port operator in the entire world.

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